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Our vision is to provide our customers with      

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best in application and after sales in addition providing our customers

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Oil & Gas Services

International Logistics


Oxygen Generators

E.L.C, LL is a Company that supplies spare parts, consumables and all needs to companies mainly in the oil and gas sectors as well as other sectors
E.L.C (via its trusted and committed partners abroad) is highly capable to provide  a wide range of materials,  needs and services related to oil and gas industries
ELC Medical is a distribute for major internationsl companies in this field and we have successful projects all arond Syria

Oil & Gas Services

International Logistic

Health Care


ELC Group Services

“We are ,,,,

 An International Procurement Group  using Innovation & Technology to

Deliver the Best Products and Services with Lower Cost and the Best

Delivery Time.

Successfull Projects. Our Successful projects are showing our expertise and dedicated work for success. Management Team. We work with team spirit in our company that is one of our success factors working in heathcare filed. Organisation and planning. Continoue planing for our company futute and organizing our piriorites regarding our market needs. Punctuality. Time schedulas and deliver orders at time is one of our periorities.. Self-confidence. Our confidence in our self comes from our confedence in our team and our working plans..
Quality not Quantity. Our think is to serve clients with best quality products an dservices. Attention to detail. We take care of our clinets needs and notes and work on minor details to offer the best. Relations. We build a high confident relation network cover our market, All our clients are our friends. Destribution Network. Our Comapny establish wide range of distributers in all Syrian states and cover all healthcare market  needs Partnership with leading companies We deal with world wide leadeing companies to cover Syrian market needs of products and services.

Our Advantages

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ELC GroupTeam

Retain valuable organizational knowledge that comes with the continuity of staff and sharing of information,Enhance the power and feeling of satisfaction of individuals working on the team. Establish trust relationships that lead to better sharing of knowledge and understanding, Achieve objectives because individuals are working together ,Hold team members accountable to one another accountable ,Combine the talents of many individuals and therefore contribute more than the sum of its parts .  Create an environment where the input from people at all levels is valued, Create new knowledge through working and learning with others, Provide a process and place for multiple perspectives to be applied to complex problems and issues ,Generate new ideas and insights ,Turn knowledge into practical results that improve the organization´s services . Use a variety of communication processes (including technology) to support the sharing of information, knowledge and experience ,Create a climate where innovation and new ideas are supported and members listen to diverse points of view ,Multiply impacts while maintaining or reducing the resources needed to do the job . Promote a culture that questions the status quo and looks for innovative ways to improve services and reach goals ,Empower individuals, the team and the organizations
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